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Ultrasound Video and Images

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Ultrasound Manager allows clinics to easily store:

  • Ultrasound Video
  • Ultrasound Images
  • Associated files, such as 3d volumes
  • Test Results
  • Reports
With Ultrasound Manager, you can allow your patients to view their scan on our secure website,

You have complete flexibility to allow the patient to access any of the files, or just some.

Ultrasound Manager allows fast, easy sharing of ultrasound video and images for teaching purposes. You can easily organise your scan video and images into "Lectures"

  • You can add notes to the lecture, and individual items of media.
  • You can edit or remove lectures at any time.
  • Share to multiple students quickly by automatic email

You can ensure your data is secure by using our anonymising software to make sure all videos and images shared in this way do not feature patient-identifying data.

You can quickly alert a group to a new lecture with an automatic email.

You can include a link to a unique url at the end of a slide show presentation.


With Ultrasound Manager you can also offer your patients secure, fast access to their scan video on

Great Patient Experience
"Thanks for making it easier for my family to share this special moment with me" A private Patient with Family in Brazil