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We want to change the way pregnancy scans can be experienced and shared.

Based on market research we learnt that pregnancy scans are an incredibly positive bonding experience for the mother with her unborn child. Mothers welcomed the opportunity to carry the scan video around on a mobile device and review it whenever, wherever they are. We also discovered that mothers want to share this experience with their loved ones, who may be located far away. We researched the most popular methods of sharing content and have built the system to integrate with these.

From market research we learnt that clinicians were looking for a secure method of sharing their clients’ scans with other clinicians remotely. We discovered that many clinicians were imputing data in multiple software programs and that there was a need for an affordable system for storing all data together, securely and accessible from any location. Ultrasound Manager fulfils all these requirements in one package.

Ultrasound Manager software is built by experts in video online and data security.

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