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Great experience for your patients... and your staff
Ultrasound Manager software offers a host of benefits for your clinical practice as well as your patient aquisition and retention

Improve patient experience

With Ultrasound Manager's iBabyScan technology your patients can experience the exciting moment of their preganncy ultrasound over and over again. With iBabyScan's mobile technology your patient can carry her ultrasound video clip around in her pocket and watch it whenever she likes. She can also share her video and images with friends and family wherevery they are in the world.

This inturn improves patient return rate, as patients who use iBabyScan request it at their subsequent scans.

iBabyScan is quickly becoming the must-have for expectant parents, use it to your advantage to drive new patients to your clinic.

Make the most of your time

With Ultrasound Manager you can use the time on the train, on a plane, or at the hospital to review any patient scan and collaborate with other professionals.

Securely review your clinic's ultrasound examinations from any computer at any location

With Ultrasound Manager you can view any scan, performed by any member of your clinic at any time, and from any connected device. You can review an Ultrasound video on the train, on a plane, or even at your home office.

Enhance your teaching, talks and presentations

With Ultrasound Manager's secure "Lecture" functionality you can securely share your ultrasound video and images with groups.

All patient identifying data is removed from the images and video.

Keep connected with your clinic wherever you are in the world

Ultrasound Manager functions as a secure, cloud-based PACS, so you can view all examinations perforned at your clinic, within moments of the appointment, anywhere and on any internet connection. Ultrasound Manager even works on your smart phone.