secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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View your clinic's scans wherever you are on any device
Ultrasound Manager's cloud-based software offers you access to all your clinic's scans on a plane, at a remote location or travelling by car.

You can take Ultrasound Manager with you on your mobile devices.

Work more effectively

Optimise your travel time, now you can reivew your scan video, images, reports and other data, securely while travelling.

Keep in touch with your clinic wherever you are

Using Ultrasound Manager you can reivew scans performed by any of your staff within minutes of the appointment, using your mobile device on any internet connection. Even if you are thousands of miles away.

Your staff can easily highlight particular scans for your attention.  

Manage a multiple location clinic's PACS with ease

If you have multiple clinic locations, all of your patient's scans are stored in our secure cloude based servers. You can access these from any of your clinic locations, as well as out and about.

Your staff can also collaborate on patients between offices.

Your video and images available 24 hours a day, wherever you are.