secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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Innovative technology to bring the benefits of the cloud to your practice.

Ultrasound Manager offers a wealth of benefits to private clinics via the iBabyScan software.

Generate Revenue

You can charge each of your patients for access to their scan on iBabyScan. How much to charge is up to you but typically we recommend between £10-25 per scan. You might choose to include iBabyScan free with your more expensive scans.

Attract new clients

iBabyScan is quickly becoming a must have for all pregnant clients. Make sure your clinic doesn't miss out on this new innovation.

Retain Current Clients

Clinics that are currently using iBabyScan for all their customers are finding an increased patient retention rate, as patients return to the clinic to take advantage of the iBabyScan offering.

Advertise your clinic

Optionally we can feature your brand on iBabyScan - so that every time one of your patients shares a scan it features your logo.

Ultrasound Manager provides a range of benefits in clinical practice.

Improved referals

When refering patients to another professional you can now send a full video clip of the patient's scan, securely and instantaneously.

Improved collaboration

If you need another professional to examine a video or even a 3d volume of the patient, this can be sent remotely and in a matter of minutes.

Save time for each patient

Using Ultrasound Manager can save upto four minutes per patient compared with offering DVDs. There is no recording, no finallising, and no mis-recorded DVDs.

Improve continuity of care

WIth Ultrasound Manager you can easily review patients past ultrasound scans at their next appointment. This is ideal for a private clinic where a patient may see multiple members of staff.

Ultrasound Manager is a powerful system to enhance your clinical practice and your patient experience.

Ultrasound Manager functions as a secure, cloud-based PACS for your clinic. You can access all of your clinic's scans from any computer including an iPad and from any internet connection.

iBabyScan is the 21st century version of grainy thermal prints and allows your patients to share the excitement of their pregnancy with their friends and family all over the world.