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A cloud-based PACS system that generates revenue

Improve Patient Referrals

With Ultrasound Manager you can refer your patient to another professional, within your hospital or in  another hospital, with full video and images.

Enhance Departmental / Interdepartmental meetings

When discussing cases within the department or in interdepartmental meetings you can now share video with collegues, within the meeting. You can also share highlights of interesting ultrasound video prior to the meeting.

Audit your ultrasound imaging remotely

Managerial users in the department have easy and secure online access to all of the clinic's images and video, organised by member of staff.

Improve patient experience

Your patients want to share this special moment with their friends and family, most of whom they are connected to online. iBabyScan allows patients to instantly share their scans with their social networks. We constantly monitor patient feedback and have found 98% of iBabyScan users would recommend us to a friend.

Generate Revenue

Ultrasound Manager's iBabyScan technology is a prime service to offer your patients that can generate revenue for your department. Whether you are currently charging per image, per video or taking donations iBabyScan gives you the opportunity to improve your revenue.

iBabyScan also improves your cash-handling workflow as it is a cashless system for charging for ultrasound imaging and video, as patients pay online at point of access, rather paying than in the clinic.

Reduce appointment time

If you currently offer DVDs to patients, you can save 3-4 minutes per scan by using iBabyScan. Improve sonographer's workflow Using iBabyScan to record your medical images is quick, and has been built to fit perfectly with your sonographers workflow.

  • Ultrasound Manager is a flexible, secure and powerful system that aids with your clinical practice and can also generate revenue for your department.