secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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Securely refer patients with full videos and even 3d volumes

Enhanced referrals

Using Ultrasound Manager's secure professional sharing features you can now send a patient's full video and images to another professional, in the same clinic, or in another organisation. You can also choose to send other files, such as 3d Volumes, or reports.

Secure referrals

When you share a patient's information using Ultrasound Manager you can have confidence that your patient's data is secure. You choose which videos or images to share for each patient.

Refer to any other professional

You can securely send your patient's video or images to another professional, whehter or not they already use Ultrasound Manager. When you choose to share data using Ultrasound Manager we automatically create a secure account for the recipient professional. Your patient data is protected at all times.

Improved patient experience

Using Ultrasound Manager ensures that the patient recieves good continuity of care as the referral centre can literally see the patient's care to date.

  • Easily and securely share any video, image or 3d Volume to another professional with full notes.