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Ultrasound Manager can save you time, money and hassle
If you ever share ultrasound cases with other professionals; by hardcopy, DVD or memory stick - Ultrasound Manager will save you time, hassle and money.

Share your interesting cases with other professionals instantly

With Ultrasound Manager you can instantly share your patient video and images to another professional or multiple professionals at the click of a button. For each patient you can select which images or video clips to share to other clinicians.

Share cases securely

Professional sharing with Ultrasound Manager is secure. All patient identifying data can be removed from the video or images, and the recipient professional is automatically allocated a secure, unique username and password to access the scan you have shared to them.

Share cases freely

With Ultrasound Manager, there is no extra cost to send cases to another professional. You can share as many videos, images, 3d volumes or even test reports as you like, to as many different clinicians as you need,

Expedite sharing for research groups

If you regularily share ultrasound video, images or 3d volumes to a group for research you will appreciate the asdvanced features of Ultrasound Manager. You can pre-set groups of email addresses into the Ultrasound Manager system and share video with one click, either at the time of the ultrasound examination or at any time after.

Better informed sharing

You are also able to quickly attach notes to individiual images, video or other files and share these with the recipient professional.