secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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Offer secure video and images with your teaching and talks
Ultrasound Manager has a range of powerful features that enhance the way you can use your stored patient video and images for teaching.

Improve the quality of your teaching materials

With Ultrasound Manager you can give all students access to any ultrasound video or images you record. Ultrasound Manager's patent pending technology automatically removes any patient identifying data from the video or image. Each video or image you share with your students cannot be identified to any clinic, patient or clinician.

Reach more students

Now your students can watch any of your patient examinations in almost real time. Again all video of any patient examination that is stored on Ultrasound Manager can be completely anonymised to protect patient data.

You can quickly send automatic emails to groups of students, who can then securely view your selected videos or images online.

Improve teaching handouts

With Ultrasound Manager you can give all students a virtual handout with full video, images and notes. This is perfect for courses, where traditional handouts can only cover still images.

  • Students can view your Lecture video on iPad, iPhone, and mobiles devices, as well as Laptops and PCs