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iBabyScan offers an enhanced patient experience
Ultrasound Manager offers a wealth of benefits to your patients via the iBabyScan software.

Improved patient experience

With iBabyScan your patients can share their Ultrasound video and images with friends and family far away via popular social media websites Facebook and Twitter, or by email.

Your patient is incontrol of how much to share choosing to share just one image to Twitter or a video clip by email.

Improved patient-fetus bonding

Your patients can watch their scan video over and over again, wherever they are.

Select her favourite images from a video

Your patient can take her own images from her ultrasound video Using our innovative "take photo" button.

Ultrasound video in your patient's pocket

Your patient can carry around their video in their pocket, Mum can have the video and so can Dad. Grandma can have a full set of pictures emailed to her, and Aunty can see her new nephew in glorious 3d on Facebook.