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Ultrasound Manager is packed full of features for your clinic and your patients.

The Ultrasound Manager suite of products is packed full of features for your clinc.

Ultrasound Manager offers a great system for storing and sharing Ultrasound scan video and images, as well as associated files, suchs as reports.

iBabyScan allows you to share any or all of this data with your patients. Your patients can then watch their scan video on any device, whenever they like, or share their video or images with their friends and family instantly online.



We have implemented all the latest security measures, so that you can be confident your data is secure.

We can anonymise all your ultrasound video and images, to ensure that when you share a patient's scan for review or teaching, the patient identifying information is not visible.

We protect all logins to the system with HTTPS, and all of your scan data passes through secure internet connections.


Easy to use

Ultrasound Manager has been developed with leading Doctors and Sonographers to ensure that it is very easy to use for clinical staff. Ultrasound Manager fits seamlessly with your current workflows. It takes only 5 minutes to train each Sonographer to use the system to record scans.


Easy for your patients

iBabyScan has been developed to be intuitive to use. Shortly after their appointment your patient is welcomed to iBabyScan via email or text message, with simple instructions on how to access thier scan.

Your patient can watch her scan online, and share it quickly and simply by email, with just a few clicks. The iBabyScan website is very easy to use and has been designed to be understandable even to those whose first language is not English.

Ultrasound Manager for Professionals:

  • Securely share ultrasound videos with other professionals.
  • Review all ultrasound appointments in your clinic
  • Audit all scan video and images in your clinic
  • Quickly share important cases in MDT meetings
  • Tried and tested system
  • Easy set up
  • Very easy to use

iBabyScan for patients:

  • View ultrasound video online
  • Fast and easy access
  • Secure system
  • Take photo from any point in ultrasound video
  • Easily share ultrasound video with family and friends far away
  • Easily share ultrasound images with groups on Facebook