secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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Ultrasound Manager offers truly mobile access to your clinic's scans
Ultrasound Manager offers you easy access to all your scans from any internet connection.

Access your PACS from any computer

With Ultrasound Manager you can quickly and securely access all your ultrasound video and images from any computer or connected device. You can use your clinic PC, your home laptop or even your iPad or mobile phone.

Access your ultrasound video and images from any location

Ultrasound Manager is secure and cloud-based, this means you can access your clinic's data from any location with confidence. We protect your data with the latest security measures.

Restrict access to clinic premises if you choose 

If global access is too open for your clinic, just mention this at the time of purchase and we can restrict access to whatever locations you require. This may be the clinic and the home locations of key personnel. These locations can be changed by your clinical manager at any time.

This service is ideal for large public hospitals that may want to only allow staff to access Ultrasound Manager from the hospital premises.