secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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All ultrasound video from you clinic, available 24/7, everywhere

Ultrasound Manager offers you a secure and flexible option to audit your clinic's ultrasound scans.

Secure recording of Ultrasound video and images

With Ultrasound Manager your staff can securely store all ultrasound video and images taken at your clinic.

Recording images is very fast for staff, Ultrasound Manager has been designed in conjunction with sonographers to ensure that it is as easy to use as possible and fits with current workflows.

All ultrasound scans are attributed to individual members of staff

Each member of staff has their own unique login, so that all video and images is attributable to individual members of staff. You can search your archive by staff member, by date/time of appointment, patient reference number or by keyword.

Remote access to your clinic's scans

WIth Ultrasound Manager you can quiclky and securely access all of your clinic's scans from your office, home, or mobile internet connection.

For public hospitals

Using our simple software you can instantly restrict access by your staff to Ultrasound Manager by IP address(es).

For example, you might choose to allow all staff to access Ultrasound Manager from the hospital's IP addresses, and allow only consultants to access Ultrasound Manager from home.

With Ultrasound Manager you have secure, fast 24hour access to all of your clinic's scans from any location and any device.