secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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What if your PACS were...
...on your iPad?
...available everywhere?
Ultrasound Manager also functions as a fully secure, online picture archiving and communication system system.

Long term storage solutions for your clinic

With Ultrasound Manager you can securely store your Ultrasound video and images in our cloud based servers for up to 21 years, or to comply with your Medico-Legal requirements.

Hard copies available on request

If you prefer to keep hard copies of your images and video we can send you full dumps of all your data at pre-agreed intervals. Typically we send out full DVDs to clinics that require this service every six months.

Secure Back-ups

Ultrasound Manager takes back ups very seriously, we have very stringent back up procedures in place, that ensure the continuity of your data even in the case of multi-site catastrophic failure. If you are concerened about our back-ups a member of our techinical team will be happy to take you through this in more detail.

Accessible from anywhere

With Ultrasound Manager you can have access to your PACS at any time, at any location. With your mobile phone, you can literally carry your PACS around in your pocket. Secure in the knowledge that the data is protected by up to date, best practice security measures.

As much storage as you need

Ultrasound Manager seamlessly grows with the needs of your clinic, you can store unlimited amounts of data with us.