secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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Collaborate instantly, via Ultrasound Manager's secure web portal

The Ultrasound Manager system is packed full of features that can enhance your clinic's use of ultrasound video and images.

Online Archive

With Ultrasound Manager you instantly have access to a complete online archive of all of your scan video and images. This archive can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, it even works on your iPad.

Collaborate Effortlessly

With Ultrasound Manager you can instantly share any video, image and other data with another professonal, wherever they are in the world. All you need to do is enter their email address and click "share" and your recipient is allowed secure access to the patient's media you have shared with them.

You can add notes to individual images, or video clips, and these will be seen by the recipient.

If the recipient professional is not already a memebr of Ultrasound Manager, we automatically create a secure, password protected account for them to view the appointment you have shared with them.

It's ideal for sharing 3d volumnes with another clinician.

You are in control

You can choose to share just one appointment with another professional and can allow the recipient to view all video and images for each patient, or only view certain images or video.

If you decide to revoke access to the recipient professional, all it takes is one click.

Share with confidence

Ultrasound Manager uses the latest security measures to ensure that you can share patients' sensitive data securely, with confidence, to find out more please see our security features.

Share for teaching

You can also easily share anonymised video for teaching purposes.

Security Features

Ultrasound Manage is protected by the latest security measures. All ultrasound video and images recorded by Ultrasound Manager are sent to our secure cloud based servers via an encryped internet connection, this means that your patient's data cannot be intercepted in transit.

Once your media is recieved by our servers it is anonymised, to remove patient identifiying data and ensure that should our system ever be compromised, no individual video or image can be attributed to an individual patient.

Use Case:

A Harley Street clinic is using the professional sharing features to improve its fertility referrals to the west coast of the US. The consultant in London is able to scan the patient before treatement, and send the ultrasound video to the american fertility clinic.

On retuning to London after successful treatment, the patient is scanned again at the Harley Street clinic and the video of the successful pregnancy is securely shared with the American fertlitiy clinic.