secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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We have the latest security measures in place to protect your sensitive data
Ultrasound Manager is protected by the latest security measures to ensure your data is secure.

Secure at the point of recording.

All media that is uploaded from your clinic to our servers is sent via a secure, encrypeted internet connection to avoid your patient data being intercepted during transfer.

Secure Logins

We secure all logins for your clinic via HTTPS, this means that you can securely access your clinic's scans from any location.

Anonymised media

We anonymise all of the video and images stored on your clinic's portal. This extra level of security ensures that when you choose to share a patient's video for teaching purposes, it cannot be attributed to an individual patient, or even to an individual clinic.

Totally secure and segragated access.

Access only from Clinic premises

For Public Hospitals and other institutions with many users of Ultrasound Manager we can offer a service whereby one managerial user can lock down access to specific locations by IP addresses. For instance, a hospital may choose to allow any staff to access Ultrasound Manager from the premises, and also allow consultants to access Ultrasound Manager from home.

Share only to pre-defined professionals

Also, using Ultrasound Manager's advanced security features, one managerial user can set up a list of professionals that clinic staff can share patient video and images to. This creates a "white list", and clinic users can only share to other professionals on this list.

This can be used to ensure patient data doesn't leave the hospital, or hospital group.

Our Software Engineers are experienced in maintaining critical data systems.