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With iBabyScan it's easy for your patient to share her scan experience

Your patient can view her ultrasound video online

Using iBabyScan your patient is invited to view their scan shortly after her appointment. Invitations can be sent by email or SMS, whichever your clinic prefers.

iBabyScan works on mobile phones as well as tablet PCs; your patient can carry her scan video around in her pocket.

Take photo feature

Your patient can take a still photo from any point in her ultrasound video, using our simple "take photo" button.

Social sharing

Your patient can share her ultrasound video or images with her loved ones, wherever they are in the world, at the click of a button.

Email an image or a video

Your patient can quickly email a photo or video clip from her scan to her friends and family, wherever they are in the world.

Facebook and Twitter sharing

iBabyScan allows your patient to choose to share individual images or video clips from their appointment to their friends via popular social media sites, Facebook and Twitter.

Download a keepsake

Your patient can download any of her images or videos as keepsakes to her computer.

Security features of iBabyScan

We have the latest security measures in place, including HTTPS to protect all logins.

All of your patient's video and images can be anonymised.

Your patient is in control of what to share and who to share it with. She can choose to share just a single image to her Facebook friends, or a video clip to her mum by email.

For your clinical staff.

iBabyScan is very easy for staff to operate; using Ultrasound Manager's innovative hardware unit each patient's scan is recorded and sent to her in moments, with the very minimum input from the sonographer.

The system automatically contacts the patient with details of how to access their scan via email or Text message.

iBabyScan is fast, patients are typically contacted within 20 minutes of their appointment with the invitation to view their scan online.


iBabyScan is a great value added experience for your patients.

You can choose to store just a one minute video clip for your patients, or a video and several images.