secure, cloud-based ultrasound video and images
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You can securely share anonymised Ultrasound video and images with Students online
Ultrasound Manager has a host of features designed to optimise your teaching through secure online sharing of ultrasound video and images with your students.

Lecture System

with Ultrasound Manager, you can organise your interesting ultrasound video and images into Lectures. Each Lecture takes one minute to set up, then you simply browse to the media you wish to add to the Lecture and click "add to Lecture"

Totally Anonymised Media

The media you add to your Lecture is totally anonymised, all patient identifying data is removed from the image or video. This means that the student will not be able to see the patient name, reference number, or even the clinic the scan was recoreded at.

Automatically notify Students

Once you have completed your Lecture you can automatically notify a group of students by email. Each student then recieves an email informing them that there is a new Lecture online for them to view and directing them on how to access the Lecture.

Include Introductory notes

You can quickly add introductory notes to the Lecture.

Add Notes to Video and images

You can instantly add notes to each Video or image in the Lecture.

You are in control

You can edit the Lecture at any time, changing the Lecture notes, individual images or video, you can even make the Lecture unavailable for a time or delete it entirely.


Students, and other professionals can view your lecture material on any device.